Several New Orleans natives met up over the summer at a mid-city studio a few times, and always ended up discussing and strategizing ways to honor and archive the history and culture of their city’s natives. We’ve lived in different places, but there is no place like home. How can we honor our rich heritage and ensure the wisdom of our elders and creatives is archived ethically? Ultimately, our objective is to allow coming generations access to the archives of our culture to ensure our rich heritage and existence is recorded and passed on indefinitely. We have set out to provide a platform for natives to tell their stories, educate our community, and archive our voices.


Create access to the native history and culture of New Orleans for future generations.


Building community through connection.


Integrity. Community Empowerment. Cultural Preservation. Advocacy. Access.


We are a boutique digital production house focused on archiving New Orleans’ elder’s and artist’s contributions to culture around the globe. We are making this possible by strategically utilizing the following offerings and other technical and digitally-based resources:

Seasonal History Vault Boxes

Customized Media Documentation and Archival

Audio Archival

Documentary Media


We have developed a collection of locally-sourced and signature social tools to help support our local economy of archivists as we honor and recant historical tales of New Orlean’s history and beyond.

Seasonal History Vault Boxes

LR Charcuterie Boards

LR Shaker Glasses

Customized Archival


We archive and honor by working with natives and local groups with a shared vision. Below is a list of our current projects:


Our Philosophies

Dwan Adams - Lubricated Reasoning

Dwan Adams

I’ve always been an anthropologist at heart including my Prep and Xavier Univ Mass Comm days. I’ve traveled the world exploring culture and how we’re all connected. No matter where I went I always found there’s no place like home and how the familial culture of home allowed me to see the world as extended family and build a home in the world. I’m back to be with family and to join the cultural community in archiving and honoring our contributions and ensure our legacy is recorded for generations to come and people all over the globe can witness the true culture of NOLA natives. I believe we need to see ourselves and know ourselves to transform civic engagement and ensure the survival of our culture. I met a few of the elders we’ve been documenting and knew our community would be much better off for it. It’s up to us to secure our history and maintain a voice for our cultural bearers. Fair wages and livable income keeps our cultural economy going. We’re here to ensure the culture and history survives. Our families deserve a commitment to archiving our legacies. Today, we’re ensuring access to future generations.

I have a passion for helping visions become realities, which makes it inevitable that I’ve found myself involved in a project as unique as Lubricated Reasoning. With the mission, vision and commitments of Lubricated Reasoning being rooted in community service, I’ve made it a point to adopt the necessary role of filling the creative and technical void in digitally providing and preserving much-needed deliverables to make that communal vision a success. One of my goals has always been to leverage my and others’ existing strengths to help build brands and visions from start to finish, while improving their digital presence. As far back as 2002, I specialized in using the power of digital design, media, and marketing to make those visions realities. Today, I’ve fine-tuned my focus on passion projects that provide more spiritual balance in order to be of optimal service to my community. My family and I have deep roots in New Orleans music, and music is one of my hobbies that provide me joy and fulfillment in life. The trifecta of music, art, and culture is what motivates my focus to serve the public sector as best as I can in order to make sure that New Orleans history and culture is and will forever be well-documented.

Remahn Farley


Honor & Archive Art, Culture, Music, and Historical Preservation.

Lubricated Reasoning spearheads projects that are meant to honor and archive creatives, artists, and elders that have dedicated their time and abilities to New Orleans culture and beyond.

We choose to work with community frameworks and social impact projects dedicated to the legacy of preserving our rich heritage and culture.
Collective impact models rooted in sustainability and intergenerational edutainment concepts.
Yes, we focus on integral relationships and inclusion of historians, neighborhood legends, and more to tell our stories. It is important to honor and highlight local culture bearers.

Connect with us directly and support relevant events around the city and in your neighborhood that share the same mission and vision.

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